Hi, I'm Harvey!

Hi! I'm Harvey!In 2016 I began the journey to create an amazing comic & game shop for nerds to congregate and share their love of all their nerdy fandoms. With half of 2021 behind us, I am forging ahead with a much leaner business model. The concept is the same, though; I am all about getting awesome nerd stuff into the hands of nerds throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

I approach this with an emphasis on building real relationships with the people I meet. The opportunity to help service a vibrant and diverse community of enthusiastic people drives me to, well, literally drive comics to people every week.

Whether we agree on who deserves to wield Captain America’s shield, or argue about the fight between Superman and the Hulk, I’ve always got a few minutes to nerd out with you, share the new stuff coming down the road, and help bring a li’l bit of awesomeness into your life.

Let’s nerd!