Donate Your Comics

Donate Your Comic Books



Do you have a collection that is just sitting around? Want to see them go to a good cause? Consider donating your comics! Here's what happens to the comics you donate:

  • Read Like A Superhero
    • Your collection will be evaluated for age-appropriate content and divided into three categories.
      • Early Readers (up to 8 years old)
      • Young Readers (up to 17 years old)
      • Mature Readers (ages 18 and up)
    • If the comic has an estimated value of less than $10 it will be donated to a local school, library, or hospital to encourage students to read. Sometimes a comic book is just the catalyst to spark a love for reading.
    • If the estimated value of a book is $10 or greater, the book will be added to Harvey's Charity Auction.
    • Books that are excessively damaged or unsuitable for educational purposes may be added to The Love Craft Project.

  • Harvey's Charity Auction
    • If you donate books that have a value of $10 or greater, or if the books are unsuitable for donation to schools or libraries, then they will end up in the charity auction! Regular auctions will be held in-person and online, with proceeds benefiting various worthy organizations.

  • The Love Craft Project
    • Between water damage, age, bugs, gravity, toddlers and the like, sometimes comics just don't make it. In cases where books are unsuitable for sale or educational purposes, these books may be repurposed for arts and crafts. 
    • These books may be donated to schools, sold as is, or deconstructed and sold as craft materials. If any money is made from these, the proceeds will be added to the next charity auction.

If you are interested in donating comics for these causes, please contact me using the form below.