I use PREVIEWSworld Pullbox  for subscription management. Just pick your titles, pull the covers you want, and watch the comics come flying in!  

Keep in mind that any cover changes made after the Final Order Cutoff (FOC) are subject to availability. If you drop a title you are still on the hook for books already on the way for you. This usually means you'll have 1-2 books coming in after you've dropped it.

Just click the button or this link then "Join This Shop" to get your subscription started! Then we can talk about shipping, local delivery, or local pickup options. The full Subscription & Special Order Terms of Service can be found below.

 Subscription & Special Order Terms of Service

  • NEW SUBSCRIBERS. New accounts can take 3-4 weeks to begin pulling. We order our books in advance according to the needs of our customers. The first book you receive may not be the next book that is released. We will let you know what books you can expect to receive first.
  • COMICS RELEASE EVERY WEDNESDAY. When you sign up for a subscription account we will pull your subscriptions every week and reserve it for you on its release date. This is a free service. Pulled books have the added benefit of maintaining their cover price as well. If a hot book spikes to $25 before it even hits the shelves, you’ll still pay cover price if it’s already in your pull.
  • FINAL ORDER CUT-OFF (FOC). This is the last date you can make changes to your subscriptions. For the most part, FOC for Harvey’s Comics is 6pm CST every Sunday. This gives us plenty of time to get our orders finalized for all of our distributors. In some cases FOC dates can be earlier in the week, but this only really happens around major US holidays and you will receive an email notification in advance.
  • SUBSCRIPTION ORDERS ARE FINAL. We pay for the orders we place in advance based on the requests of our customers. The ordering process is a delicate balancing act. Products that are left over will often go unsold or need to be discounted below cost to sell. When you cancel a title, we will stop ordering it for you. There may already be 1-2 books from that title already on the way for you, however, and you will still need to pick up those titles.
  • PAYMENT & PREPAYMENT. Invoices for your weekly pulls are generated between Wednesday and Friday the week before they release. Payments or arrangements need to be made before subscriptions are shipped or delivered. You can pay through the website’s invoice, PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, or Cash.

    If no payment is received within two weeks of release, your subscription file will be suspended; no further books will be ordered or pulled, and the books in your pull may be sold to other customers as needed. If no arrangements are made by the end of the third week, then your account will be canceled and books will be reshelved.

    Customers that choose to preorder items will benefit from a discount of up to 35% depending on the item ordered. To benefit from this discount the orders must be paid for in advance and before the FOC date.
  • DEPOSITS. Items that cost $100 or more may be ordered with a 50% non-refundable deposit. While cancellations are generally not accepted, orders can be canceled but you will not be refunded the deposit. This may sound like a lot, but this cancellation results in extra inventory that may sit on the shelf for a long time.
  • COMIC PICK-UP & DELIVERY. You have three options for acquiring your weekly pulls:
    • In-store pickup: Visit our brick and mortar location during normal hours.
    • Local delivery: If you live in the greater Fort Worth area you can arrange for regular deliveries to your home on a monthly, semi-monthly, or weekly basis for a small fee. These can be in-person or no-contact deliveries. Up to you!
    • USPS Shipment: Our distance customers can have their pulls shipped through the mail. These deliveries can be set up for monthly, semi-monthly, or weekly shipments. You can also set a dollar amount threshold to have your pulls sent out. We do offer free shipping on orders over $100 USD, after all!
  • LIFE HAPPENS. We get it. People move, lose jobs, experience tragedies, get snapped in alien genocide because Earth’s Mightiest Heroes weren’t enough. But we will do our best to work with you if you are not able to pay for your pulls. You don’t have to share the details with us, but if you need time, just let us know.
  • VARIANT COVERS. When you subscribe to a title you are subscribing to the A cover or standard cover. If you want a different cover you will need to place a special order for that cover.

    Keep in mind that some covers are exclusive to certain artists or retailers. While it is possible for us to get these covers, oftentimes we receive no discounts and our cost is the same as yours. So unless you just really want to pay more than the going rate, your best bet would be to order it from them yourself. We will let you know if this is the case as soon as we discover it.

    Ratio variants (1:25, 1:50, etc) are usually available at the preorder level. The prices for these books can get up there (especially in the case of 1:500 or 1:1000 covers). They cost more because we have to order qualifying amounts to get them (order 25 to get one copy of the 1:25, etc). In most of these cases you would get more bang for your buck by ordering a variant bundle wherein you will get multiple covers in addition to the ratio for about the cost of the ratio itself.
  • CHANGES. We reserve the right to alter or end our subscription service at any time for any or no reason. We reserve the right to limit order quantities and adjust prices as necessary. We are not responsible for vendor allocations, shortages, damages, shipment dates, price changes, or lost mail.